Christian. Husband's calming presence. Witty and wild boys. Keeping family close. Reflective early mornings. Bag trees. Birds on wires. Collecting bugs. Tree swing. Easily undone. Bare feet. The sweet crack of an atomic fireball. Dogs and cats give me hives. Delightful weeds and Dandelion seeds. Feeling dirt in my hands. Beautiful decay. Justifiable introvert. Dream walking through the cemetery. Love words. Tolerate people. Embrace abandonment. Miss my mom. Run hard. Scare me. Skull and Rose forever and more. A self-taught, artistic photographer.

                                             I may not have a mansion; I haven't any land - not even a  paper dollar to crinkle in my hand.

                                     But I can show you morning, on a thousand hills - and  kiss you, and give you Seven Daffodils.  (Fran Mosely)

I have a soft spot for horror, and love to explore abandoned sites, where the element ofeerie is ever present. When I was a child, I was afraid of ghosts.  As I grew up, I realized that people are more scary.  I shoot with a Canon E0S 50D; however, it's my macro lens that makes me weak in the knees - for it sees that which I cannot and brings into light, the most amazing worlds.  I prefer to shoot where people are not, due to my insecurities and social anxiety.  

                                            I may not have traveled to faraway places; I know no one famous and lack social graces.

                             But I can show you images, moments of a whole - and simply offer you, a glimpse of my soul.  (Carolyn Simancek)

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